Zi (Rat)

Gall-Bladder with underlying Yang water energy

  • like midnight or midwinter, force of wood with the strength of yang rising up out of the depths.

  • Very yang.

  • push against the odds to get what they want, if needed can be adaptable

  • patient in pursuit of their goal. do not give up easily

  • Very determined, decisive and have the ability to take control

  • are ambitious

  • Gall bladder ‘is the impartial justice from whom judgments are derived’

  • Decision-makers, very good at weighing up situations and they give very good counsel to others

  • a good overview, maintain clarity in difficult situations and delegate well

  • like to make up their own minds about situations and do not take advice from others

  • are not comfortable taking orders and they are competitive

  • have good physical and psychological strength

  • Are relied upon in disasters

  • Well organised, although not necessarily interested in details, whoich they leave for others

  • If fearful, then react with hostility and anger


Chou (Ox)

Liver with underlying Yin earth energy

  • active, smooth flow, warm hearted and generous

  • interact easily and freely with others

  • work well with others and will have influence

  • like to get involved with local politics as a way of serving the community

  • have good negotiating skills and are persuasive

  • prevent any group from becoming stuck

  • will act on decisions

  • are hard working, practical people and very determined

  • strong characters, honest and to the point

  • can become stubborn and pushy



Yin (Tiger)

Lung with underlying Yang wood energy

  • are the engine to any group, if they behave without wanting too much recognition

  • can be high achievers, have a lot of energy

  • Are valued by those in authority, can be fiercely protective to the one’s they love

  • they value loyalty

  • Martial Arts and discipline are good for them

  • Are sensual and romantic but also need alone-time

  • Can struggle with letting go


Mao (Rabbit)

Colon with underlying Yin wood energy

  • The colon has the function of releasing to the outside; both in terms of waste products and when the body is attacked by external pernicious influences

  • are defensive on the outside but warm and loving inside

  • make good fathers

  • can feel very vulnerable in love and prefer to feel safe.

  • can be argumentative and bad tempered, or defensive and emotionally withdrawn.

  • like to bring things into the open, especially when they feel under threat, and may say harsh things about others or tell secrets as a defence

  • can react badly to their own preference for other people as they regard this as a weakness

  • can easily shut off their feelings and become detached from people


Chen (Dragon)

Stomach with underlying Yang earth energy

  • Their core nature is the nourishment for others, and so they are very generous and give freely of themselves

  • are also able to provide for themselves. They feel secure. Are stable in life

  • are dynamic, transformative, inventive, opinionated, bountiful, clever, well informed and communicative

  • make excellent mediators because of earth’s ability to be equable.

  • love distribution, whether of goods or ideas

  • like to be at the centre of activity

  • Have a danger of ruminating obsessively

  • like to get every last ounce of use out of situations or ideas


Si (Snake)

Spleen/Pancreas with underlying Yin fire energy

  • background is harmonious and giving

  • bring people together and create a community around themselves

  • connect with others easily and give to each whatever is wished for

  • bring about transformation in groups

  • have a clear intellect that likes to gather and transform information

  • are clever, analytical and enjoy reading but they are not obsessive

  • are more purely intellectual

  • are sympathetic and have a nurturing attitude

  • Can forget about themselves



Wu (Horse)

Heart with underlying Yang fire energy

  • can either be extremely quiet or extremely talkative.

  • People listen when they speak.

  • have unique perspectives and insight, and are full of originality.

  • are not followers and an idea must become their own before they will adhere to it.

  • cherish autonomy and will not submit easily to being controlled.

  • have a strong spiritual side.

  • can be easily startled and need regular routine (regular meal times and sleep times).

  • need sleep.

  • can easily become disconnected from real life and live in a rarefied atmosphere.

  • can be charismatic.

  • act quickly in mind and body.

  • Mentally prefer getting to the core of a subject and are not happy with a surface understanding.

  • are naturally optimistic.

  • compliment people freely and easily


Wei (Goat)

Small Intestine with underlying Yin Earth

  • These people are very clear headed and discriminating.

  • They are very sensitive to others’ needs and know just the right thing to give or do in each situation.

  • They are very refined.

  • They sort out what is essential for a healthy life, take what they need and discard the rest.

  • They let go of the past easily and do not get bogged down in negativity.

  • They like to focus on the good.

  • Intellectually they learn well by rote and are not so interested in the underlying principles – as long as the ‘rules’ of the theory work, they will accept it.

  • They are courteous and make natural ambassadors.

  • They have an affinity for luxury and the good life


Shen (Monkey)

Bladder with underlying Yang metal

  • The background is the cool harshness

  • can become involved in charities for the obviously downtrodden.

  • have a tendency to see the struggle of life as a war or constant battle against injustice

  • have an air of grief or martyrdom, and are prone to self-pity and resentment

  • can also be very cautious and fearful

  • can be strict and express harsh judgements and punishments.

  • like to take part in debates, especially on matters of war or religion.

  • are outwardly confident and bold.

  • have an ashen complexion (mixture of white and black).


You (Rooster)

Kindey with underlying Yin metal

  • strong constitution and are hard working

  • are very focused and have a quiet determination, flowing on and around whatever obstacles are in their way

  • can also be pessimistic and mistrustful and fearful

  • are naturally cautious

  • are wise but secretive

  • are naturally quiet people and talk only to a few trusted people

  • tend to isolate themselves and become lonely


Xu (Dog)

Perikard with underlying Yang earth energy

  • very warm and giving and have a pure heart.

  • emotionally very sensitive.

  • find it hard to block out feelings it makes them protective of their own space.

  • also self-protective emotionally, which can make them shun intimacy.

  • require stillness.

  • are baffled by people’s behaviours (especially in comparison with their own)

  • follow their intuition rather than their intellect.

  • respect others’ autonomy and do not like to interfere in others’ business.

  • like to be of service and are dutiful, loyal and devoted, nurturing and sympathetic.

  • are non-judgemental.

  • would feel at home in religious orders (b/c of protective group and connection to rites)



Hai (Pig)

San Jiao (3 Heater) with underlying Yin water energy

  • Cautious when meeting new situations, but quickly find their level and fit in at all levels of society.

  • Comfortable in every place (of the chain of hierachy). Able to switch

  • relish freedom, especially the freedom to move about, from country to country.

  • hate the restrictions of borders, can struggle with boundaries

  • facilitate others at every level.

  • keep the flow moving and keep communications clear.

  • seem to have an endless and selfless capacity to give.

  • can refine coarse materials, and they seek out ‘unpolished diamonds’

  • easily see potential in others.

  • like to work at bringing about change and have an interest in alchemical processes.