The fascia is the 3-dimensional network of soft tissue, which wraps the body as a whole as well as dividing it into the smallest subunits. It functionally connects and stabilzes the whole body from head to toe, from directly under your skin to deep inside.

Not only does it include tissuelayers like septi, muscle sheaths, articulary capsules, organ sheaths and connective structures, but also the denser structures like ligaments and tendons as well as softer and thinner connective tissue like the superficial fascia layer and the smallest subdivisions of the endomysium which wraps every muscle.
Fascia is instrumental in supporting full body health and well being.

Even simple everyday situations as long periods of sitting, stress, as well as immobilisation, one-sided weightbearing or trauma can all cause restrictions, adhesions, desiccations, entanglements and therefore disfunction in the fascia.
Working together with the client I use an active, manual-therapeutic treatment of the musculoskeletal and fascial apparatus to induce a re-mobilisation, regeneration and recovery of the fascia, thereby relieving pain and other symptoms.

The following techniques are used therapeutically: