Jia (Yang Wood)

Gall Bladder in Earth

  • highly abstract and intellectual

  • full of ideas, enjoyment of puzzles and mathematics

  • very impetuous, prefer to learn from experience rather than books, which they don’t like so much

  • are impatient, but like to think and make plans, can understand complexities

  • tend to be blunt, like to take control and can be overbearing

  • high energy but exhaust quickly

  • impatient communicators, go straight to the point, can lose patience with others quickly

  • may appear as argumentative, but they just like to share and feel understood

  • in relationships often battle for dominance, tend to often have short lived obsessions

  • Can have Übermut

  • If it’s the year stem, then they get frustrated easily


Yi (Yin Wood)

Liver in metal

  • background is quiet and prefers solitude

  • social, outgoing, love to be alive

  • On the outside very social and outgoing, but on the inside isolated and unsure of their own identity

  • need a lot of re-assurance from their romantic partners, they are often dominating them

  • tend to worry about how others see them, and can be very sensitive

  • can be frustrated with inner restrained and suffer from restrained anger

  • tend to feel guilty and self-admonishing

  • suffer from sexual inhibition, often stay responsible isntead enjoyment

  • can be manic and depressive

  • martial arts is good for them



Bing (Yang Fire)

Small Intestine in Water

  • clear sense of where they are going in life, can be high-achievers

  • don’t struggle against life, are adaptable and agreeable, are non-judgemental and can accept easily

  • confident, immense clarity and wisdom, clever, learn quickly

  • can be closed up, don’t reveal their true feelings. Quietness and restrained in private

  • Outside they can sparkle, allow others to go their own way and support them, therefore often liked a lot

  • Can rise to relative power in groups, advisor to the leader, as people trust their judgement and decisionmaking

  • think on their feet, not easily intimidated, but also non-confronting.

  • Are obidient

  • can be creative musically, especially in classical genres


Ding (Yin Fire)

Heart in wood

  • background is love and emotion

  • are loyal and true, value friendship

  • on the surface value manners and politeness, have controlled emotions.

  • Dislike embarrasing behavior, look for style

  • value honesty, but rarely speak out their truth

  • really know how to have fun

  • are fascinated by mysticism, don’t care much for material richness

  • have high integrity and are respected for it

  • often are originals in their expression

  • creative in visual arts or dance

  • can be late-bloomers


Wu (Yang Earth)

Stomach in Fire

  • are inspired and inspiring.

  • love luxury, fine silks, beauty, full blossoming of flowers, gardens, sunshine

  • gather material things for themselves but also like to share with others

  • are kind people

  • are inspired intellectuals, articulate, possibly writers and poets

  • are quick and influential. are greedy for knowledge

  • are generally happy and very optimistic and they laugh a lot

  • are also beautiful. like talking and possibly have a knack for communicating, possibly in different languages

  • They command attention when they talk.

  • They are also very astute and know when to hold back

  • Enjoy traveling the world



Ji (Yin Earth)

Spleen/Pancreas in earth


  • have mothering and nurturing qualities. are kind and generous and very helpful towards others.

  • are calm and quiet but can have sudden outbursts of anger

  • are sincere, caring and sympathetic. Relationships are extremely important to them.

  • Crave the company of others.

  • They can be prone to preoccupation, especially with food or books. They enjoy cooking. They can become bookish. Although they enjoy academic study they are not naturally brilliant.

  • They enjoy intellectual discussion.

  • Enjoy being centre stage

  • Tendency to overeating or oral fixations. Can become stubborn, inflexible and obsessive


Geng (Yang Metal)

Colon in metal

  • can be ruthless.

  • There is an air of joylessness, of deprivation and seriousness in them.

  • strong desire to protect those they perceive as weaker (children and the oppressed).

  • often take up political causes and are motivated by a sense of injustice.

  • manifest compassion within official ‘good causes’ more than in their personal life.

  • have little time for the non-essentials of life

  • strong sense of self-preservation overrides all other concerns and they are ready to attack when they feel under threat, physically, emotionally or materially, and can be violent.

  • have a killer instinct and will go for the jugular if needed.

  • Whatever they do they will not put themselves in peril as they have enormous self-restraint.

  • Tend to get into conflict with others

  • keep emotionally distant and prefer their own company and are self-reliant with a tendency to go it alone.

  • can be cruel but feel themselves hard done by and can suffer from resentment.

  • make sound but harsh judges and they have the habit of constantly correcting others.

  • Women are more prone to self-criticism (because yin moves inwards).

  • tend to be inflexible and strict and are not generous.

  • are hoarders who ‘file’ their possessions (because they like exactness and cleanliness)



Xin (Yin Metal)

Lungs in water

  • have a lot of insecurity and doubt

  • Can be passive and can easily give up control of their lives.

  • Flrourish easily, but often not with a lasting effect

  • easily take orders.

  • are like foot-soldiers. work very well in government

  • can also willingly give up their lives for a greater good, but can become overly religious and self-sacrificing.

  • have a strong desire to be ‘good’. This can be the path of the recluse or of the aesthete.

  • can endure hardship over a long period and also have good physical strength and stamina.

  • can be quiet and withdrawn and, although they find their own path, it is not an easy path. It often brings up issues about survival and physical security.

  • have unending patience with life and demand little


Ren (Yang Water)

Bladder in wood

  • love, humanity, enjoyment in life

  • have the knack of living life

  • interact easily with others. are great communicators on a one-to-one level and people respond on an emotional level to them

  • are also very attractive to the opposite sex, with strong hair and good teeth

  • are aware of their own attractiveness and sexual appeal

  • can be Casanovas and enjoy sexual conquest

  • are confident and at ease with themselves

  • are dynamic, can shoulder great responsibilities with ease, and make things seem effortless

  • delegate easily and make good supervisors

  • understands things on an emotional level, which may contradict intellectual arguments

  • may be very changeable and restless, may change jobs or partners frequently

  • can be evasive, talk in a meandering way and tend to take a long time to get to the point


Gui (Yin Water)

Kidney in fire

  • courteousness.

  • smile easily when they meet others.

  • do not blossom but stay hidden. tend to want to hibernate, and are shy.

  • can be overly cautious in life, which can hinder a full flowering of their potential.

  • are easily startled.

  • can meander with no fixed goal.

  • find the easy route through life and will not struggle against the flow.

  • do not hurry.

  • If they are not careful they can be led into dangerous situations

  • can be sad and forgetful.