How to unclogg your nose

In 8 easy steps you are able to unclog your nose. This is no magic trick but physiology. Namely the Bohr-effect on the nasal mucosa.
  • Take a small, silent breath in and a small, silent breath out through your nose.

  • Pinch your nose with your fingers to hold your breath.
  • Walk around while holding your breath. Or gently nod your head up and down (or sway your body) with your breath held. Try to build up a large air shortage, without overdoing it of course!

  • When you resume breathing, do so only through your nose; your breathing must be calmed immediately.

  • After resuming your breathing, your first breath will usually be bigger than normal. Make sure that you calm your breathing as soon as possible by suppressing your second and third breaths.

  • You should be able to recover this breath hold within two to three breaths. If you cannot, you have held your breath for too long.

  • Wait for about a minute or so and then repeat. 3-5 rounds and the your nose is unclogged.

  • Now breath through your nose. If you don’t then your nose will congest again.