Would you like to lose weight?
Do you feel uncomfortable in your body?
Do you suffer from being overweight?
Have you already tried every imaginable method?
Without any long-term success?
Are you confronted with an endless amount of advice and tips that often are contradictory?

Losing weight is a big obstacle for many people.
In addition, emotional problems and blockages often accompany this practical problem.
Self-deprecation, shame, despair, self-hatred, hopelessness, resignation, fear, motivation-blocking, low frustration tolerance are all examples that not only make the desire for weight-loss more difficult, but often completely sabotage it.
Failure seems almost unavoidable.
The consequences amplify the problems even further. In the long run serious health-conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart problems and depression can appear.


Oh how wonderful would it be if losing weight was simple and easy?
Just a push of the button away. A magic-pill will do the trick.
Fiercely one is looking for a shortcut.
At the same time, a simple, straightforward solution seems just impossible.
How can such a difficult, almost insoluble, long-term problem have a clear, direct and simple solution? This can’t be! That’s too easy!


Why is losing weight so difficult?
Procrastination on one hand and non-perseverance on the other ensure failure again and again.

The reasons for this:

  • Ignorance or wrong knowledge about the right approach

  • Unrealistic demands on the process as well as on oneself (fast, easy and without effort)

  • Ignoring or deviating from the solution plan


The solution to a successful, long-term result is not a universal formula, but a very individual, designed approach that involves multiple components.

It works best when you are picked up where you are currently at.

This involves having both emotional and mental support as well as learning useful knowledge.

With this one can stabilize emotionally, find motivation and develop frustration-tolerance.

Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (RECBT) provides a very pragmatic and efficient approach for this.

With this knowledge one can introduce new behavioral patterns that then will lead to success.
In addition, it is best to asses one’s current state and choose from exercises, diet, sports, sleep-habits, breathing and basal metabolic rate the most fitting combination to achieve an optimal recipe for success.