Introductory Seminar for Individual Meditation (IM) –  7th of July 2024 in Berlin

Time: 7th of July 2024, Sunday, 10-18h

Location: Privatpraxis Dr. Gutzeit – Lenaustr 8, 12047 Berlin

Host:  Dr. med. Kai Gutzeit –  Meditation Teacher

Costs: 150€

Application: or +491713148651     (number of participants limited)

Meditation is more popular than ever, it can easily be called a global trend – the availability of mindfulness apps, -websites, books, podcasts and meditation-courses is booming. But unfortunately often only little remains of the original idea.


This seminar is primarily dedicated to the question:

What is meditation – and what it is not?

In particular, this seminar is about “the teaching of the noble mind” aka “Individual Meditation”.

This teaching is based on scientific evidence and focuses on the maintenance and development of mind-functions.

The decline of mind-functions which normally occurs through ageing can be reversed through the application and practice of this teaching. It enables everyone to create the best version of themselves. The implementation of this personal development is based on the so-called “5 factors to a good life”.



Theory of meditating

  • What is meditation?
  • History of meditation
  • scientific results of research about meditation
  • What are the benefits of meditation?
  • Belief systems and meditation
  • Personal development through meditation
  • stages/locations of personal development
  • the role of a master of meditation
  • the 4 big truths of meditation
  • What is enlightenment?

Practice of meditating

  • Preparation
  • Physical posture while meditating
  • The small hindrances of meditating
  • The big hindrances of meditation
  • the purpose of daily meditation-practice
  • Retreats
  • Traveltours for further development
  • Every participant of the seminar receives a personalised individual meditation in accordance to their current state of development and the annual season



The Intro-Seminar is designed as a starting point to a 3 month practice period. The new knowledge from the seminar can be integrated and applied into practice.

On a regular basis there will be meditation-evenings including a longer group meditation of up to 45 minutes. A big emphasis of these evenings will be to chat and exchange experiences and ideas. As well as having the opportunity to ask questions.

If you then wish to continue and go deeper with your practice and development, I offer meditation-adjustments to receive a new individualized meditation-exercise along with more theoretical and practical explanation every 3 months, in line with the change of the seasons, either individually or in small groups. These adjustments will cost 150 Euros every time.

In Summer and in Winter there are 9-day-silent-meditation-retreats under the guidance of meditation-master Prof. Milenko Vlajkov.



The origins of the “teaching of the noble mind” aka “Individual Meditation” are rooted in the 9th century AD in Tibet. Since then the teaching has been continuously passed on from one lineage-holder to the next. In the course of the last 12 centuries these masters of meditation completed and developed the teaching further and further, in order to allow people develop themselves into their own best version through its practice. The primary rule of the teaching is “no dogma”, the secondary rule is that every new lineage-holder questions the teaching and updates it to to current time and place.

The current lineage-holder and master of meditation is Milenko Vlajkov. In the 1970s the teaching was taught and passed onto by a Tibetan doctor and Rinpoche. Since then he has accomplished to wrap the Eastern wisdom into a western scientific dress, underpinned by the many results of scientific research of recent years.


Milenko Vlajkov has written several books about meditation and personal development.

Among them in English:

How do you tame an elephant and a monkey?