Introductory Seminar for Individual Meditation (IM) on the 2nd of June in Berlin

Time: 2nd of June, Thursday, 14-19h

Location: IKSK seminar space – Holzmarkt 25, 10243 Berlin

Host: Prof. Milenko Vlajkov, Meditationmaster and Lineageholder of Individual Meditation & Dr. med. Kai Gutzeit

Cost: 150€ (incl. a follow-up date)

Registration: or +491713148651     (limited capacity)

The teaching of “Individual Meditation” was developed in Tibet in the 9th century B.C.. Since then the teaching has been continuously passed on from one lineage-holder to the next. In the course of the last 12 centuries these masters of meditation completed and developed the teaching further and further.
The teaching’s most important rule is “no dogma”, through its practice it offers every human to develop into their own best version.
The current lineage-holder and master of meditation is Prof. Milenko Vlajkov. In this seminar he will present different techniques of meditation and their effects on body and mind. Further he will discuss the path of personal development, which is based on the 5 factors to a good life

Theory of Meditation

What is meditation?

History of meditation

Results of scientific research about meditation

What are the effects of meditation?

Belief systems and meditation

Personal development through meditation

The different stages of personal development

The role of a master of meditation

The 4 truths of meditation

What is enlightenment?


Practice of Meditation

Preparation for a meditation

Bodyposition while meditating

The small hindrances of meditation

The big hindrances

The role of a daily meditation practice


Educational trips for development

Every participant of the seminar will receive an individual meditation that fits best to their current state of mind-development and the season


Prof. Milenko Vlajkov

is 71 years old and from Novi Sad, Serbia. For the last 50 years he has dedicated his life to meditation and personal development. Milenko is a master and teacher of meditation, as well as a lineage-holder of a teaching, that was developed in Tibet in the 9th century B.C., which he received from a Tibetan Rinpoche and medical doctor. It is called Individual Meditation (IM).

In worldly life Milenko is a psychologist and psychotherapist. He is Professor for Industrial and Organisational Psychology at the University Novi Sad, the founder and director of the Institute for Cognitive Management in Stuttgart, a psychotherapist trained in Talk therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Hypnosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and an international supervisor of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT). He is a scientific researcher, a book author, a company- and business-advisor (among others AGR, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull), a polyglot, an acupuncturist, a passionate chess player, a globetrotter, once a marathon runner and karate practitioner, now keeping fit by doing yoga and jogging, a family man, a medical phenomenon, a lecturer, the most pleasant and most genuine company you can possibly imagine. A man who successfully and effortlessly brings together Eastern wisdom and Western pragmatism.